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Hematite Buddha Bead Mala Necklace - Black Lava Edition

Hematite Buddha Bead Mala Necklace - Black Lava Edition

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Discover the Essence of Tranquility with the Nalo Healing Hematite Buddha Bead Mala Necklace - Black Lava Edition

Elevate your spiritual journey with the Nalo Healing Hematite Buddha Bead Mala Necklace - Black Lava Edition. This exquisite piece of jewelry combines the healing properties of hematite beads and the grounding energy of black lava beads, creating a harmonious blend of style and serenity.

The necklace features beautifully crafted hematite beads, known for their protective and grounding qualities. Hematite is believed to enhance focus, dissolve negativity, and promote a sense of calm and balance. Each bead is meticulously selected to ensure its high quality and natural beauty, creating a captivating visual and tactile experience.

Interspersed among the hematite beads are black lava beads, known for their porous nature and ability to absorb and diffuse essential oils. These beads provide a unique touch to the necklace, allowing you to infuse your favorite essential oils for a personalized aromatherapy experience. Simply apply a few drops of your preferred essential oil onto the lava beads, and enjoy the soothing and invigorating scent throughout the day.

At the center of the necklace, a stunning Buddha bead serves as a reminder of peace, wisdom, and enlightenment. Crafted with attention to detail, the Buddha bead captures the essence of spiritual awakening and inner harmony. It serves as a symbol of mindfulness, guiding you on your path towards tranquility and self-discovery.

The Nalo Healing Hematite Buddha Bead Mala Necklace - Black Lava Edition is more than just a fashion accessory; it's a powerful tool for meditation, mindfulness, and self-reflection. As you wear this necklace, feel its grounding energy and calming vibrations resonate within you, bringing a sense of serenity and balance to your daily life.

Whether you're attending a spiritual retreat, engaging in yoga or meditation practices, or simply seeking a stylish and meaningful accessory, this necklace is the perfect choice. It effortlessly blends with any outfit and adds a touch of elegance and mindfulness to your appearance.

Experience the transformative power of the Nalo Healing Hematite Buddha Bead Mala Necklace - Black Lava Edition. Embrace its soothing energy, enhance your spiritual connection, and embark on a journey of inner peace and enlightenment.

Item Type: Mala
Material: Stone
Dimension:  28 inches around. Beads are 8-9mm.


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